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MP Graph team is here and we are 3 designers (Muhammad Mujeeb, Jamila Pirzada, and Hafya Pirzada) in our team and we are working as a community here.

This Muhammad Mujeeb and I are working as a graphic designer for 7-8 years I personally started it from learning it online and later I found Fiverr.com.

I started working there and got so many reviews and experience in graphic designing and found out it very workable for me and then I started getting Magazine projects and I put my self in this field and now I’m working as a Magazine designer for some Companies.

I have designed so many issues for RallyUp Magazine and received my first ever certificate from the RallyUp Team below…




I’m Jamila Pirzada, working in the Graphic field since I was in 10th grade and when I started working,  I found myself related to this field.

Now after 6 years I can say that Graphic Designing is my passion and I can’t imagine myself without working on any design.

During my learning period, I wasn’t good as the other designers but there was something in me who always push me to work more and more and just in 2 years, I become an expert in this field but not more than other designers out there.

You will find a lot of designers who are working as a graphic designer and they are better than me but in 6 years experience, I can say that I can handle more projects.

In starting my father was running an account on Fiverr in 2015, I used to work on his account and clients really liked my design.

After working on more than 700+ projects I decided to create my own account after completing my 20  years old birthday in 2017.

I started my work from Fiverr and from there I learned so many new techniques about graphic designing and I tried to work on other platforms but Fiverr is still my favorite because I found top Client from this platform.

Later on, I decided to create my own account with the name Eyecatchix and started working on it and in 3 years I completed 500 projects.

Received more than 300+ Reviews on my own account.


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Today I’m a Magazine Designer and working with three Clients, and received my very first latter from the Team of EMERGE WOMAN MAGAZINE.





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