How to grow Business through Social Media Marketing

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How to grow Business through Social Media Marketing

How to grow Business through Social Media Marketing

As you and everyone else know that there is no doubt about the fact that Social Media has changed the way we live our lives. As all of us can get the news, all of us can interact with friends and family members that we want to get connected with. All of us to find some trustworthy companies to do business with. But these days. This is going to be a big competition day by day, and getting hard to grow business over social media marketing. All of this is done in this generation just through Social Media only.

I’m sure you would love to know more about the Business and some other Graphic Designers are out there and they are new in this field, I have something interesting for them too… Graphic Designers! this article is surely for you! and you can get free ideas from here too.

I am going to share some interesting facts about Social Media with you that you will surely love.

    • 77 percent of consumers are more likely to buy products from businesses or brands that they follow on any Social Media platform.

    • 54 percent of Social browsers are using Social Media just to research some products.

    • 71 percent of consumers who have had a positive impact and great experience with a business through Social Media, they are more likely to recommend that kind of business to their friends.

    • All the non-customers are 3 times more likely than the customers to visit the retailer’s shop from Social Media advertisements.

This article is all about how to grow Business through Social Media Marketing that you all guys should know. Let me tell you first a little about what Social Media Marketing actually is, so all the people who are new to this can have a clear idea of what he is reading up to.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Well, social media marketing is the usage of social media platforms to connect to your audience/customers just in order to build your own brand, increase the sales of your products, and drive website traffic as well.

Social media marketing involves publishing great content on your profiles on social media platforms. Listening to and engaging with all your followers, analyzing the feedback, and for running social media advertisements as well.

Right now at this very moment, you can grow business with these most major social media marketing platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Snapchat for sure. You can Grow Business with these Socal Media Marketing, all you have to do is try to be online more.

This is what social media marketing is, and now as you know about it. I will not waste another precious moment and I will get started with some of the best social media marketing secrets that you all guys should know.

Secrets of Social Media Marketing That You Should Know

How to grow Business through Social Media Marketing

Make a Plan!

You should know that Social Media Market interaction completely reflects on your business overall. So consistency is the chief key that you’d want to hold on. Whatsoever you want to do on Social Media, it needs to be done consistently in order to achieve some great feedback.

Creating a plan in order to guide the content you have and interaction across the Social Networks will surely help you to stay on your message. Make sure that you keep all your accounts active and the information you are providing to be relevant.

Setting aside all the time to research the content, graphic designs/videos, and scheduling all the updates is the key to your consistency that you need to on your social media marketing stuff.

If you guys do not have the time to do this, you will need to consider hiring another person as your employee or an agent of yours who can help you in keeping all your accounts active and to be filled with quality content that your audience love.

Additionally, determine some specific times for you in which you will monitor all the accounts to respond to all the questions from your audience and even the comments as well.

Invest Your Marketing Time on Networks That Are Appropriate

It is a fact that not all social media websites are created equally. You should determine and consider the demographics of your audience and all your potential and valued customers in order to determine the best social media websites that you can use to reach all these people.

Facebook is still no doubt the top best site for most every age group, location, salary range and in many more aspects.

Do not actually waste your marketing time on a social media website that you know your customers don’t use. For example that if your demographic is middle-aged, homeowners in your area you would not want to market on Snapchat for sure, right?

Research the websites in order to determine all the Social Networks that you will focus on most and skip all the sites about which you are sure that your targeted audience is not using.

Select the Content that is Appropriate

It is not only the Social Networks you want to use that you need to determine, but you also need to make sure that the content you are sharing regarding your social media marketing should fit the platform.

All the users engage with certain websites in a certain way. Take for example that Facebook is great for long-form messaging purposes with some great visuals as well (by visuals I mean images or video), Twitter, to be honest, is really terrific for more immediate messages and awareness as well.

Each of the social media platforms will have a more specific type of content that works the best for your business, with links, images, stories and many more things like this.

All the marketers really need to determine what type of content works great on each site and posts there in view of that.

Quantity versus Quality

An aspect of social media both the quality and quantity counts. It is very important to keep grow business through Socal Media Marketing on all your accounts active and your updates should be consistent as well, but what equally important is that the content you are sharing should be useful, informative, interesting and engaging as well.

If you share too many updates, there is a high possibility that people will start ignoring your posts or even turn you off completely. The same can happen with irrelevant content as well.

Skip the Billboard Advertising

All you guys need to know that the News Feed on a Social Media Platform is not an advertising scroll. All the Social Media users do not want to be inundated with some coupons as well as some special offers.

You will have to give all the people something that makes them feel like they are getting a really great deal and they should not literally avoid that, instead of feeling like they are getting a bribe or something.

You don’t just have to share specials and super deals, if the updates you are making become a billboard for sales, all the people will be turned off by this and they might turn you off as well.

Of course, you should share your offers and deals as well, but also share some useful tips and information that can be useful for all your audience in order to make their life better and easier.

Interact and Engage

I keep repeating just to make you guys clear that keeping all your accounts active is terrific and very necessary, although if you never check for the engagement, you will more likely lose your audience strength and trust.

All the people want to be seen and they want to be heard as well, this is one of the most important things when it comes to any kind of business, not only social media marketing.

If you know that your audience is having a question, comment or any recommendation, then you really need to respond to all of them in a timely manner.

In order to get the success you are thinking of, you have to engage and interact with your Social followers; give them an experience, a good informative conversation, a community.

People want and will surely love to feel like they are part of the group. You should give this feeling to them just by interacting with them. Make sure that you check all the notifications on your account a few times a day, every single day.

Get Some Amazingly Powerful Instagram Marketing Secrets

How to grow Business through Social Media Marketing

As I mentioned above about some of the best Social Media Platforms right now, Instagram is one of them.

As you guys know that Facebook has become a giant wasteland for all the recycled memes that are going pretty viral and Twitter is full of retweet and some happy spam bots, Instagram is still a home for all those millions of content creators that are posting some exciting and impressive photos here.

Now I will tell you about some of the most powerful and informative marketing secrets for Instagram. These secrets will surely help in enhancing your social media marketing progress for sure.

Secret # 1: Schedule

One of the most important and vital parts of marketing on Instagram is maintaining a consistent and common content schedule.

Even though there is a ton of social media marketers who know that it is good to keep a healthy queue of photos, not all of them know there are also ways to make content scheduling which is even easier.

Just use alike Later or Buffer to put together a calendar on the content for your Instagram marketing.

There are many advantages of using a tool like this; one of the advantages is that you can plan your posts long in advance – which also includes hashtags and captions – it means that you do not have to spend a lot of time worrying about what to post on your Instagram.

You will have much more time to interact with your fans and your followers, which will strengthen and empower your presence on social media.

Secret # 2: Effective hashtags

In the world of social media, hashtags are the most important thing which can make the world go round – particularly on Instagram. Choosing between the right hashtags can either make your post or break it, depends on how effective that hashtag is which you chose for your post.

Hashtags have a huge impact on the engagement your post receives, and it can be a huge determinant. When it comes to whether your content will reach the eyes of your target market or whether it will not.

Even though, there are some different hashtag strategies and tips, though the perfect mix is still up for debate. I have found that in my own experience, that most of the effective hashtags are those which are either the local ones or the ones which are directly relevant to your post.

Although using the hashtags like ‘#love’ or ‘#friends’ might get you a ton of likes, they are usually from the bots – and that is a meaningless vanity metric which won’t even get the outcomes for your business.

Despite, do some of the research and find that what local businesses and companies in your industry are using. By doing this, it will ensure that you are reaching the right people, every single time.

Secret # 3: Keep Post Drafts on Hand

If you are still not so sure about investing your time and your money into a scheduling app, then have no fear. There is a solution for you. There is a little-known feature in Instagram which is called drafts. When you add a photo to the app, just write a caption and tag the people in it, but choose not to publish that yet.

Instead of that, you can choose to save your post as a draft, in this way it won’t be published. This will store the post in the app (edits and all), which will allow you to immediately pull it up the next time you are looking to publish that drafted post.

Though, it is not quite as good as the scheduling app which schedules your content to a tee. It is still a great way to keep some of the content all set and ready-to-go on hand. If you find your Instagram strategy is a little more impulsive, drafts are a great feature to have for yourself.

Secret # 4: Use Powerful Editing apps

Now, let’s be honest: by using such powerful editing tools is no big secret, to be honest. VSCO, Enlight, and whatever there is  – you have heard it all right?

In my years using Instagram, I have come across a great number of editing apps that have changed the way I use the platform. I keep my ear to the ground about these things so I do not fall too far behind from them – and you are lucky, that I am passing on my knowledge to you about this.

Here are two apps which I have found totally invaluable recently: s

  • Snapseed: While it seems that it is quite similar and the same as the other editing apps out there. I have found Snapseed (a Google product) to be the most powerful app out there. Adding to its intuitive interface, it has some power-user features (like a healing brush and curves) which make this app the perfect editing tool.
  • Facetune: This is yet another super popular app for photo editing. Even though it seems to be built for the images of people, it is actually great for touching up the photos and giving them that Instagram-friendly shimmer.

Secret # 5: Create a flawless feed

This secret is one of my favorite little known to Instagram secrets. Although it is not for every business, creating a flawless Instagram feed is a visual spectacle and sight which turns your profile into a wonderful and special gallery for fans and for potential customers as well.

A flawless feed is just what it sounds like – editing your pictures and photos in a way that makes your feed look like one giant image.

To do this, you will want to use a template which you can use a layout for your photos. You will need an app such as Photoshop to edit in this way. This strategy is great for companies that do not rely on constant content creating to succeed. It is a bit restraining in that each addition to your feed will take a little more of your time.

Secret # 6: Post behind the scenes content

In between the product posts and promoting your content, you may find silence in your Instagram content row. One of the best ways to fill this boring gap is with adding those behind the scenes content. It is an often underappreciated form of content.

There is a reason “making of” or “how-to” content does so great on all of the platforms, people like to feel when they are “in the know”, meaning people love it when they know stuff which happens behind the scenes.

Post the content which shows off more than your product; for example, show your employees or your company culture and how you do things. Their type of posts are engaging and these can help you built a stronger connection with your fans, followers and your customers.

Secret # 7: Share Some Testimonials and Reviews

In any kind of business or in general, when it comes to making any purchase decision, having a social proof can literally mean everything.

If you guys are looking to use the Instagram platform as a way to drive sales for your particular business, there is another awesome idea for content and that is customer testimonials and reviews.

It is one thing to say that your product is the best but showing your potential customers that what other people are saying about your product can really help in building a greatly positive customer perception of your own brand.

You can post a relevant photo with the text edited on the very top of the picture or in the caption. Tag the person that you are quoting in the photo you are posting there.

If you are a local business then posting some video testimonials can be way much more effective than you even think. It is surely a great content type that you need to add to your arsenal.

Secret # 8: Grow Business through Social Media Marketing with Discounts and Promotions

Using Instagram as a social media platform to share some quick discounts and promotions is surely an underrated way to market.

It is too often that brands focus a lot on building their aesthetic on Instagram that they literally just forget that it doesn’t really mean much. If it is not really driving some revenue for their business there.

If you want all your fans to act more urgently and become your customers, then sharing some occasional discounts is the thing that you really need to consider.

It is really easy for people to admire all your products from far and wide on Instagram, but once all of them have been following you for a while, they may lose interest altogether as well.

This is why keeping all those people engaged with some great promotions will help you steer them away from that indifference for sure.

Secret # 9: Live Broadcasting

Maybe this secret is not so secret anymore, but Instagram Live without any doubt still is a very powerful marketing strategy that you can make good use of. You really should consider adding Live Broadcasting to your catalog.

Brands all around the world are still working tirelessly days and nights just in order to determine the strategies that, will work best for Live as a platform for their social media marketing stuff. And if you trust me, then believe me there is a lot of them.

It depends on the goals of your business that you can use Live in many different ways. For example, if you are looking forward to strengthen up the connection of your brand with the fans, then a Question and Answers Live talk is a really great place to start with.

It is not only this, but Live broadcasting can be used for a lot of other purposes as well. You can teach your fans how to do something or just simply keep them updated with the latest news regarding your brand through a live broadcast on Instagram.

So, this is all I had for you today. I hope this article was full of informative and helpful for you to get to know that How to grow Business through Social Media Marketing

And I’m sure you want to know more, so stay with us! more knowledge is on the way!

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