How To Earn Through Graphics Designing During COVID-19

How To Earn Through Graphics Designing During COVID-19

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How are you guys doing? I know you were waiting to get more info but I got so busy and couldn’t get time to post for you guys but, here I’m so excited that I bring you something very important.

These days there are so many graphic designers who are seeking work, as graphic designing gets so much competition in the market so this is really tough to find a worthy way to earn.

Today, I would love to share with you all that How you can Earn Through Graphics Designing During this COVID-19 Pandemic

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If you guys are looking forward to knowing a way to earn money from your Graphic Designing skills while staying at home during this Covid-19 pandemic that has created a lot of problems for each and every person, then all of you are just at the right place.

I need to tell you that it may be time for you to get creative when it comes to making money.

If you guys are among the millions of people throughout the world without work in the middle of this coronavirus pandemic, then probably you’re facing the hardest time of your life.

First of all, relax and don’t worry about anything at all now, because after you complete reading this article, you might really know how to make money with these great graphic designing skills of yours.

As this is a detailed guide for you, before we get onto the actual ways of earning money, let me tell you openly about what Graphic Designing actually is. So that all the people who are even thinking of being a graphic designer can get a really good idea about if before they proceed.

About Graphic Designing

Whenever you hear the name or just think of graphic designing, have you ever thought of any kind of artistic advertisements? Very attractive and eye-grabbing graphics on any website? Amazingly and very impressively arranged spreads in different magazines?

If you have ever thought about anything like that, let me tell you that these examples actually fit under the definition of graphics designing, but the actual term includes a lot of other things as well, such as posters, infographics, book covers, labels of products, company logos, business cards, different kinds of signs, layouts for websites, smartphone applications, software interfaces, and the list continues to go on. (You actually got the idea of what I am talking about).

Listing all of these examples for graphic designing is a good start to understanding and knowing what graphic designing actually is, but unfortunately, the fact is that it doesn’t paint the full picture.

Let me tell you the actual definition of it. According to the AIGA that stands for the American Institute of Graphics Arts, graphic design is actually defined as “the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual as well as textual content.”

There are many other terms that you can look on, they say that graphic design is used to communicate certain ideas or messages in a visual way. These visuals in terms of graphic design can be as simple as a business logo, or as difficult as page layouts on various websites.

Says a well-known designer Alexandros Clufetos when asked to put light and elaborate on the definition of graphic designing, “Graphic design takes graphical and textual elements and implements them into multiple types of media.” He further said “It helps the producer connect with the consumer. It conveys the message of the project, event, campaign, or product.”

Graphic designing can be used and is used by various companies in order to promote and sell their products with the help of advertising on different levels, such as by websites in order to convey some kind of complicated information in a digestible way with the help of infographics, or by businesses in order to develop an identity of its own with the help of branding, among other different things.

Jacob Smith, founder of illustration studio ProductViz says, “Every day, we take many of the subtly artistic things around us for granted. But hidden in every magazine corner, exit sign or textbook lies a set of design ideas that influence our perceptions.”

It is also very important for all of you to remember that although there are many graphic design projects that have commercial purposes only, like advertisements and logos, it is also used in various other contexts and the work for graphic designing is often designed purely as a means for your artistic expression that matters a lot.

Maybe this is enough basic knowledge about Graphic Designing for you, I hope now you guys have an excellent idea of what graphic design actually is.

Let me tell you about the common graphic design jobs. If you have great graphic designing skills, I have some of the most common graphic designing job titles that you can work as. After a lot of analyzing and research, I managed to find out the most common graphic designing job titles that are:

  • Graphic Designer
  • User Experience Designer (UX designer)
  • Web Designer
  • Art Director
  • Creative Director

As you can see, if you guys are armed with the proper knowledge and training regarding graphic design, there are a lot of graphic design job options for you that can help you earn money during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Now that you know good basics about Graphic designing, let me tell you How to Earn Through Graphics Designing During this COVID-19

Ways to Earn as a Graphic Designer during COVID-19

How To Earn Through Graphics Designing During COVID-19

The following are the active, semi-passive, and passive income ideas for all you graphic designers out there to earn money during this pandemic we all are going through. Have a look at each of these ideas and note down all the ways that you think you should go for.

How To Earn Through Graphics Designing During COVID-19

Printable coloring books

Designing the coloring books will allow you to show your designing skills in your full potential and glory.

The adult coloring book trend surprised the whole world in 2015 when over 12 million books were sold worldwide, with some of the sellers making even up to 329 dollars that year. Whereas some of them say that the trend is now gone, Forbes argues about this and they claim that it may not be entirely true and there is still an existence of this trend.

Adults as well as kids both still enjoy coloring, but in spite of buying from the traditional publishers, people nowadays prefer to shop from small self-publishers. Their sales number are not always reported so accurately, yet it is known that as much as 60 percent of hobby books today are sold by indie self-publishers.

My point here is that the coloring books are a product that has been taken over by small sellers. This is a great opportunity for the new sellers because the markets are not dominated by the big players so it is much easier to enter the market. Therefore, Printable coloring e-books are the perfect product for freelance designers to sell.

Web elements and icons

With almost 200 million active websites that are found online, the business owners today want to stand out from the crowd. There is one way from which a company can show off their personality is through some of the unique web icons and custom illustrations that help them tell their story.

According to 99designs, custom illustrations are one of the essential web design trends present today. To look a bit further, we can assume that with the web becoming more saturated, the trend and the demand for custom web illustration will grow even more by time.

So as a result, selling icons and illustration packs online will be a great way for graphic designers to earn digital art on the side.


Fonts are a massive part of any website. Especially in today’s time when designers and programmers pay some extra attention to things like website readability and usability.

According to Monotype, the US company whose center and core product are fonts, the interest in original typefaces is growing so quickly and fast. Their sales results have proved it; last year, the company reported 235.8 million dollars in revenue, which was an increased amount of 16 percent in comparison to the year prior.

Fonts have not only just become a part of UX, but it also plays a serious role in branding which explains the growth of interest. As for the freelance graphic designers, this COVID-19 time maybe the best time to jump on the bandwagon and offer their creative fonts for sale.

Instagram Highlights Covers

Everyone knows that if you are not existing on social media, you do not really exist. What people have also realized is that the quality and attractive eye-catching visuals are a must to attract and retain the followers.

While Facebook is still the most popular social media platform in terms of daily users, Instagram is a very close rival. With that being said, Instagram is a place where visual appearance matters the most, so if you are thinking which platform you should focus on when you are creating a pack of visuals, well, this is it.

Apart from Images for the feed, a product that is especially trendy recently that is Instagram Highlights Covers. It is something that is barely noticeable, yet it is very important for a professional and polished image when people visit the profile.

Although the brands have realized their need for Instagram Highlights Covers, the offer is still rather limited, so it is a great time to jump on the trend while it has still not become so competitive.

Printable Wall Art

According to research analysts, the global home decor market is growing very quickly by almost 20 percent a year. In fact, Printful, the drop-shipping company which offers custom printed products, reported that the posters are their second best selling product of all time, with having hundreds of thousands of pieces of wall art that is sold every year.

As long as the people and companies will move and renovate spaces, decor like posters, canvases and wall stickers will not leave the best sellers top.

But the best part is that the selling wall art does not mean that you need to print and ship the physical products. as an alternative, skip the irritation and you can offer the downloadable print files, leaving the printing part to the customer or to the buyer.

Emojis, Stickers, and Emoticons

With over 60 million emojis that are sent on Facebook Messenger every single day and half of all Instagram, posts including emojis, it is pretty obvious that people love to communicate with emojis to show how they are feeling. And of course, if people love something, brands will surely make use of it.

As soon as Twitter introduced branded emojis in 2015, companies in different industries suddenly started to add their custom emojis and logos. So far, there are over 250 companies that have already created their own emojis, which include Coca-Cola, Taco Bell, and Chevrolet.

As you know that emoticons have become an essential part of everyday communication, this trend will surely continue to grow even more. Hence, more and more brands will be looking forward to the unusual and witty emojis to use in their marketing.

Now, this is where your designing skills can come into play, you can offer emojis, stickers, and emoticons which would help the companies to show their personality and sell their product.


You already would have heard this name if you are a social person who uses most of the social applications. Animated images (GIFs) have been around here for over 25 years, but it is the last three years when its trend has really taken off. From telling your stories to expressing your emotions, GIFs today are used by nearly everyone and everywhere in digital communication all around the world.

When Instagram introduced GIFs in stories, many of the savvy brands on Instagram saw them as another way to increase brand awareness. So, as a result, they started uploading custom GIFs for everyone to use.

Now with this trend going on in full swing, more companies are looking for the original GIFs to purchase and use in their communication. So, if you are good at creating moving graphics, then this is a great time to put your skills and work for sale and start making money with it.

Premade 3D Designs

It is a fact about 3D designs that they provide opportunities that would otherwise be really impossible to reach in the online environment around use. They tend to provide a face-to-face effect.

There are many graphic designing experts that predict that some very real looking 3D graphics and animations are something that all of us will continue to see more and more in the upcoming years. And not just in some big-budget campaigns, but also in-game designs as well as Hollywood movies.

Well, the point is that we can expect that there will surely be a rapidly fast-growing interest in premade 3D models in the following years. So, there will be many small businesses that will be willing to use the trend but on a budget for sure.

There are high chances of possibilities that instead of creating 3D models from scratch, these companies that want to save some budget will be looking for ready-made content that can also be customized.

You can use this demand in order to sell all the asses that you have previously created for different and individual projects or for your fun too. Well, this way can really help you in making some good money.

Ebooks and resume templates

As there are many people out there who still read print books, it is a fact that digital publishing has grown more popular in the world of social media.

According to some reports, user penetration is said to hit a percentage of 15.9 by the year 2024, four years from now. This actually tells us all that these ebooks are here to stay for a good amount of time, this means that not only now in this pandemic situation this way is helpful for you but it will still be very helpful in future upcoming years as well.

There is no doubt about the fact that writing ebooks is one great way to sell your skills as well as your knowledge as a graphic designer. If you are a beginner, you can write a step by step guide to graphic designing, or you can create a beautiful and attractive guide to product branding.

Whichever way you choose to write your ebooks to sell, I assure you that your ebooks are going to sell like some yummy hotcakes.

In case you’re not sure about this method, you can always take a look at online marketplaces, such as Creative Market or Etsy to know that it is very obvious that the ebook templates are in high demand right now and in future as well.

Almost all of the social media influencers, creators as well as makers, and entrepreneurs from all different and hard walks of life are likely to sell at least one of these as a part of their very own brand.

So, this means that putting some pre-designed templates up for sale is really a greatly considerable way of earning passive income while staying at home and safe from this covid-19 virus.

Separately from selling these ebooks online, you can also have a try of selling resume templates. It is a matter of fact that these are quite popular as well and they tend to stay popular for a long time ahead.

Freelance Work

If you guys have great skills in graphic designing but you’re not so great into selling products, then I should say that Freelancing could work perfectly for you. If you would rather try out with different appearances such as social media post design, illustration, and more like that.

This can be a really great way for you to earn money through your graphic designing skills while staying at home safe. There are many services available to hire skilled graphic designers for freelancing, such as Upwork.

On Upwork, there are hundreds of jobs there for each skill category for different people, as it is said to be the largest freelancing website of the whole world. Once you sign up there with your information, you can easily filter jobs for graphic design with the help of their search function.

Upwork really makes it very easy for each and every person to find some suitable jobs for them much faster than you would do on your own by matching yourself and your skills to offers that are in need of graphic designers.

Though freelancing might not be the most reliable way for you to earn a steady income for a long time, it surely is a great way to build a good reputation, earn positive feedback and earn money as well.

For example, you can try this part-time freelancing while this coronavirus pandemic is upon is all and creating problems for many people to earn money and support their families.

Business Branding

Reports say that in some recent years, business branding has been seen a huge increase in popularity. As most of the entrepreneurs and startups don’t always have in-house designers with them, so they do need and look for someone with great talent and impressive vision to help them come up with an attractive, amazing, and impressive visual identity.

From brand logos to business cards, designing all the essential components of a fresh and new brand is one greatly considerable way to utilize the graphic designing skills and talent you have and to earn some handsome income as well.

It is not only that you will be having an incredible portfolio, but it will also make sure you get some similar opportunities in the future because of your great work done.

This business branding way can be emotionally rewarding too, especially at the point when a brand reaches its goal fame on an international level, there will be thousands of people appreciating your designing work.

Isn’t it a great way to earn money in this considerably serious situation? It really is.

Teaching Graphic Designing

If you guys are not into selling products as well as not into freelancing stuff, then perhaps this way of online tutoring might be your perfect thing to do in this pandemic situation. Have you ever noticed that you enjoy teaching people? If you have, then maybe you should teach them your passion.

Online tutoring is at a rise in these recent years and nowadays even more due to various problems occurring because of coronavirus. Online tutoring can also be recognized as an increasing interest in acquiring some new skills from the comfort of one’s home while staying safe and not risking their health for going out.

This is surely a great way to earn some considerably good salary while staying at home. So, if you are a highly skilled graphic designer, you can give this way a try by selling some online courses with the help of many learning platforms such as Udemy, Skillshare, or Teachable.


These were some of the best ways for you to earn some great money while each and everyone is facing a lot of issues during this pandemic regarding earning and more stuff as well. If you have great skills, don’t waste them on anything.

So, this is all I had for you today. I hope this article was helpful to you and now you know, how to Earn through Graphic Designing in the COVID-19 situation.

And I’m sure you want to know more, so stay with us! more knowledge is on the way!

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