Best Graphic Designing Ideas for Beginners

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How are you guys doing? This time I bring you some Graphic Designing Ideas for Beginners and Intermediate Designers, they will help you to get your Basic concept for Graphic Designing.

So what basically Graphic Designing is???

As you guys know that not only a graphic designer but each and everybody knows that being a graphic designer is so much more than it meets the eye. Graphic designing is like just hearing about an idea and then turning it into a story on your own. To create something that will get the main idea diagonally and that people will reverberate with.

As a graphics designer, you will have to tell the story creatively with some great colors. I am not talking about any other story, but the story that you will be creating with your ideas. That story should be told with colors, fonts, elements, great textures and all graphic elements that you think will fit that design of yours.

Every design created is a new and unique piece of art that has been given birth in this world. While all the graphic designers have the opportunity to be as much creative and make their own style choices, there are some very important tips regarding graphic designing and some basics as well that every designer should know if they are new, or they have started their graphic designing for a while now.

I will like to share those tips with all of you so that they might help you with something at any particular time of your life.

So, without waste any other minute, let’s start to get learn the Best Graphic Designing Ideas for Beginners and Intermediate Designers.

Limit The Number of Fonts You See:

Best Graphic Designing Ideas for Beginners and Intermediate Designers

If you go out and ask out some of the most experienced designers around you, you will find out that this is the most commonly encountered tip that you will receive from them. Some of the greatly experienced graphic designers highly encourage that you should use different fonts in one design, but what not to do is exaggerate and go overboard with it.

As a graphic designer, you always need to ensure that your fonts are working well together and try to limit the number of fonts you use to three or even less than three.

You guys can find 2000+ fonts free from here.

Experiment and play around with these fonts that you already are having in the software where you are creating this project of yours.

Little Tip that I usually do, “Try to save your fonts in any Document file and name them like Bold or Cursive or LIght or Rounded or another type of fonts. So, you could found your fonts easily and in little time”

Change Your Text’s Size and Height Accordingly to Fit Perfectly:

Best Graphic Designing Ideas for Beginners and Intermediate Designers

For this step, you really should learn about typography a little bit. Playing around with the text that is overlayed on any image is something that every graphic designer does. You can change the line-height and spacing of letters accordingly to create a box-effect for that text.

You just have to make sure that the placement of your text is very pleasing to look at, and you try to achieve balance for this effect provided by you. There are many examples of this type of images that are running all over the social network applications. Most of them are used for quotations and all.

Usage of Contrasting Fonts to Stick Out:

Best Graphic Designing Ideas for Beginners and Intermediate Designers

Whenever a graphic designer designs, his/her goal is to draw someone’s attention and portray to them what you are trying to say through that design of yours.

All the graphic designers including you can make a big statement by using some little tricks only, just like the one I am about to tell you: Usage of contrasting fonts.

Take for example that you can use a bold sanserif font with a cursive and romantic font to show people the mood of the text of that design of yours. This is how it works.

Never Be Afraid to Go Big:

Best Graphic Designing Ideas for Beginners and Intermediate Designers

You should keep one thing in mind while you are choosing elements for your design, that larger objects attract much more attention than the smaller objects. So, if you are using multiple elements for your design, you need to make sure that the principles object of your design is larger than the others.

This will automatically attract and catch the eye of your viewer to the largest of all the objects in your design at first sight. You will have to scale each element of your design, whether it is text, elements, buttons, everything. Means, try to give focus on your main image if needed, otherwise, try to make all photos or object equally smaller or bigger.

Give Each Letter of Yours Its Own Personal Space:

Best Graphic Designing Ideas for Beginners and Intermediate Designers

There are some particular designs where you have to let each letter of you have some personal space in between and let them breathe. Don’t take it as a joke, because letter spacing is a massive deal, believe me. Sometimes you just get frustrated to fix the space and size.

Letter spacing can make or just break your design. Some font styles normally have some odd letter spacing in between them, but lucky that is something that you can take care of it yourself and handle it easily like a professional.

You just have to increase or decrease the letter spacing according to the situation of your design, keep trying and trying again until it looks perfect and each letter of the text has its perfect spot of its own in your design.

Use Contrasting Colors

Best Graphic Designing Ideas for Beginners and Intermediate Designers

There is no doubt about the fact that opposites attract. It is in our nature that we are interested in the unusual and this is why using some contrasting colors in your design is a must thing to do to make your designs better and interesting to watch than ever before.

Usage of contrasting colors is eye-catching, as it makes a statement and it is amazing graphic design for sure.

Use White Space When Needed

Best Graphic Designing Ideas for Beginners and Intermediate Designers

There are times when you don’t need to add a lot of colors, elements, fonts, and other things to provide your message across the people through your design. Many designers have recommended all the graphic designers to use white space whenever they can use it.

One of the good things about using white space is that you don’t want your message to get lost in the chaos of noises of your design that can be created with a lot of elements.

White space is no doubt very elegant, simple, but on the other hand, it is complex and beautiful as well. Another great thing about using white space is that it is almost a lot less work for you to do.

Be Consistent in Your Designing

Best Graphic Designing Ideas for Beginners and Intermediate Designers

All the people know that consistency is the key to getting success in almost everything in life. In aspect of graphic designing, consistency is the one thing that can take all of the different elements in your design, and then tie them all together to make them work much greater.

Consistency is something that makes everything greater than ever before, so I would recommend you to stay consistent in your colors. Make space and use color palettes in your designs and your typography size, spacing and positions as well.

Remember this one thing; if your design is consistent, your customer will be very happy with you and your work.

Use Flat Design

Best Graphic Designing Ideas for Beginners and Intermediate Designers

No graphic designer has to work his/her endless nights and hours to create an impressively amazing design by using some complicated 3D elements. Regarding this, flat design is the friend you are looking for.

The great thing about these flat designs is that it has become very much popular over the years, which is the great news for all fresh graphic designers, experienced graphic designers and all the people who are about to get into this field as well.

Now you don’t spend so much time on 3D and you can use this saved time in learning deeper about your profession.

Give a Good Structure to Your Text

Best Graphic Designing Ideas for Beginners and Intermediate Designers

It is recommended that you use the alignment tools in whatever software you are using to your advantage. Whenever you are adding text to your graphic design, make sure to align that text with other elements in that design of yours to make it visually pleasing to the eye.

To increase the readability of your viewer, you have to align your text and give it a nice structure in your design. Not only this, but you also need to be sure to keep text to the bare minimum, just because the attention span of viewers can be very short, unfortunately.

Most important tip, Never cross out your design or object from the bleeding line so Alignment of the design must.

Usage of Icons

Best Graphic Designing Ideas for Beginners and Intermediate Designers

You can lead the attention of your viewers whenever you want in your design just by using icons. Icons don’t have to be limited to famous logons like Twitter and Instagram only, you can use icons of any kind to provide your design with that extra visual eye-catching attraction.

You can also create your icons that are simple Black & White or brightly colored as well.  You can make your icons have a flat design, or you can make them 3D as well.

The thing what does matters is integrating them into your design to increase the visual value of your design and enhance the experience of your viewer while they are being attracted and engaging with your graphic designs.


Best Graphic Designing Ideas for Beginners and Intermediate Designers

It is not only icons that you can use to guide the eyes of your viewer to a focal point, but you can use lines as well to do the same thing.

A graphic designer can create a sense of compartmentalization in their design while using lines. If any of you guys have a minimalistic design, I need to tell you that it might be a good idea for you to add some lines for depth and originate interest within your viewer.

Use a Color Palette

Best Graphic Designing Ideas for Beginners and Intermediate Designers

As I mentioned earlier regarding the consistency, color consistency is a must thing in graphic designing. If you guys are not even trying to create some crazy and attractive contrasts in your design, then there is a good idea for you, and that is to use a color palette throughout your whole design.

A color palette in your design will automatically interest the viewers and it is also very pleasing to look at for sure. There is a high chance of the possibility that any bypasser will stop just to have a look at your design, even if the design you created has nothing to do with them.

Use your color palettes, as they will surely help you in your designs to make them beautiful and attractive.

Creating Visual Hierarchy

Best Graphic Designing Ideas for Beginners and Intermediate Designers

Regarding graphic designing, hierarchy helps all the viewers to see a clear layout of what you want to portray in your design and it makes it much convenient for them to understand your design. This is why you need to know what the order of importance is.

Creating visual hierarchy is very important because the average attention span is about 8 seconds (only f you are pushing it). This is why you need to make sure that the work you are spending time on makes some sense.

Adjust Image and Background Levels for Your Text to Stand Out

Best Graphic Designing Ideas for Beginners and Intermediate Designers

Whenever a graphic designer puts text on the top of any image, him/her needs to make that text understandable for all the viewers, and sometimes this means applying a gaussian blur or just desaturating the image behind the text to make that text readable and easy to understand.

Think About Your Key Audience

Best Graphic Designing Ideas for Beginners and Intermediate Designers

As a graphic designer whenever you are creating a design, you need to think about who you are making this design for. And there is a time when stepping out of your comfort zone just to make your client happy is what you need to do.

Doing this is not always a bad thing, more important it will increase your creativity and the confidence of pushing your limits according to the work and needs of your client.

Keep Things Simple

Best Graphic Designing Ideas for Beginners and Intermediate Designers

There are many graphic designers that I know of who are scared to try out a minimalist design just because they think it is just too plain. I say that you can have a minimalist design even without that being boring for you.

All you need to do is bring that minimalist design of yours to life with a little pop of some colors, or just by using a funky font on it. But remember one thing, there are times when less is more and that is a good value to live by.

It’s a Mood and a Vibe

Best Graphic Designing Ideas for Beginners and Intermediate Designers

When you are creating your design, you must ask yourself that “What is the tone of voice or the vibe that I am going for here?”.

This will help you in determining lots of things for yourself, such as the elements you are going to use, the color scheme with which you need to go, and so many other aspects as well.

Font Families Want To Stick Together

Best Graphic Designing Ideas for Beginners and Intermediate Designers

If you want to add some spice to the text on your graphic design, but you do not want to go through the process of finding another font which works well together with the one which you have already got, then I have got the situation for you.

All you need to do here is to use the variants in the font family. Let’s say that you are using Helvetica in your design. All you want to do is to spice up the things is to use his brother Helvetica bold. Then use his sister italic. You see where I am going with this right?

Get Your Facts Straight

Best Graphic Designing Ideas for Beginners and Intermediate Designers

Before you get started into designing something for a client, DO YOUR RESEARCH. This is the important one. Look around at your competition, see what they are doing, then just be prepared for presenting the better results than them.


Best Graphic Designing Ideas for Beginners and Intermediate Designers

Just stand out of the crowd and be different as compared to others; to say the least “JUST BE BOLD”. Some of the times you have to think out of the box and as yourself that how you can different and bold.

Some of the times it means using contrasting colors to create some drama in your graphic and your design, and sometimes it means using the text that just jumps out at you. The choice is yours to make, but whatever the choice you make, make it a bold choice.

Be Different and Try New Ideas!

Best Graphic Designing Ideas for Beginners and Intermediate Designers

It is okay to follow the trends which are going around. But why be like everyone else when you can be different from others?

Despite becoming just like everyone else and following the major trends, look at the trends, study them, and be inspired by them, but put your twist on your design which makes you stand out and you will have a recognizable content among all the others competitors.

Get That Aesthetic

Best Graphic Designing Ideas for Beginners and Intermediate Designers

Well, you know it as well as I do, aesthetic is everything. Often it means to align your text with the background image. So if your background image is slanted, then your text should be following the suit.

Align your shapes and objects if you need to do. This will provide you with that aesthetically pleasing vibe which you and your viewers are looking for.

Be Transparent

Best Graphic Designing Ideas for Beginners and Intermediate Designers

Be transparent. Today, this quote is going to apply not only to you as a designer, but al to your fonts as well. Sometimes, you do not want your text to take away from your image, but you still have a big and bold message which you need to get across.

Here is the answer for you: just use transparent fonts. Use any of the font of your choice, then just change the opacity level of the fond as to still the see the text, but to take away from the image.

Being Messy is not a bad thing in Graphic Design!

Best Graphic Designing Ideas for Beginners and Intermediate Designers

This is one of my personal favorites, to be honest. This idea is just so crazy and fun, that it makes me joyful. And I am sure that is the vibe which will be picked up by all of your viewers. This font is different and it takes you a step out of your comfort zone.

You can do this with any of the font of your choice by individually typing each of the letters, choosing the size and the rotation of it, and then placing it in the order of the word. This is a tip to remember and that you could try in the right kind of project.

Note Down Your Ideas

Best Graphic Designing Ideas for Beginners and Intermediate Designers

Creativity is not about just being handy, but you know what can be? It is a notebook full of ideas. Start carrying around a little notebook with you and sketch your design ideas as soon as they come to you.

Who knows that maybe you will be inspired when you are walking around town and you won’t want to miss the chance to write down your next big idea.

Create a Design a Day to get in Practice

Every morning is a new day for you to improve and become a better version of yourself, a better designer. No matter how you are feeling, from this day on, just make an aim that you are going to create a design on a day, no matter how simple or complex it is.

Just get your wheels turning in your noggin and let the creativity flow into you a little by little each day so you can be in better touch with your designer side.

Take a Break, Then Bounce Back

Like in every other situation as well, you can just burn out or get tired. Some of the times, when you are in the zone, you need to make it a point to get outside, take a creative break, and give some rest to your brain.

Or maybe you are in the opposite situation. You are sitting at your computer, but there is no idea coming to your mind. Just go get a glass of water or a cup of coffee and go outside for a little walk and let your batteries recharge yourself.

The creativity flow will come back to you by taking a break. Just rest, then bounce back stronger, You’ve got this!

Make Your Own Rules! Make Yourself BOSS!

There are no rules for designing. Each one of the designers deserves the right to be purely themselves. Surely, you can take some points from others and follow the trends, but you are your creative rule maker. Just make your own rules to make yourself comfortable at designing.

People will respect you more when you are being yourself and being authentic, and with that, this is the final design tip which, I just guided you about.

I hope that this article was helpful to all the beginners and experienced graphic designers. You guys learn so many new things from it.

Thank you for reading it to the end.

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